DISCLAIMER for SKIOLD A/S telephone and online supportuk

The purpose of the service

The purpose of SKIOLD A/S getting access to the Client's PC or feeding computer is for SKIOLD A/S to guide and teach the Client from a remote distance, update software delivered by SKIOLD A/S, verify and debug software, etc.

Prerequisites for the access

For SKIOLD A/S to perform the above tasks, it is necessary that the Client at all times allows SKIOLD A/S access to the Client's PC or feeding computer by means of an internet connection. It is the Client's responsibility that the functions and programs in question are functioning properly and allow access by SKIOLD A/S.

It is solely the client's responsibility to secure that no person, animal, property or other subjects can be harmed or damaged by the online support.


The above mentioned access to the Client's computer means that employees with SKIOLD A/S, depending on the Client's software configuration, may get access to other information available on the Client's computer. SKIOLD A/S instructs the employees with such access only to use it in connection with tasks, which SKIOLD A/S is to support, and to limit any knowledge of irrelevant information gained from the Client's PC/feeding computer to the greatest possible extent. SKIOLD A/S also enjoins confidentiality on the employee in question, prohibiting any use, disclosing, saving or otherwise storing, or registration of information, which is not relevant to SKIOLD A/S's support. However, SKIOLD A/S cannot be held responsible, should an employee exceed the above instruction or confidentiality, if the Client therefore suffers a loss.


The Client is hereby informed:

• That SKIOLD A/S gains access to the Client's PC/feeding computer and with this any software installed on it.

• That SKIOLD A/S hereby shall use the access to the software to alter, delete, or add to this.

• That the Client and potentially others have this possibility as well.

• That the "connect system" has a log function showing SKIOLD (by IP address) entering the IP addresses connected to the Client's system at a given time, but not what has been done to the hardware or software. It is therefore not possible to trace any alteration to the client's software back to the source, whether it concerns software of concern to SKIOLD A/S or other software.

DISCLAIMER / Responsibility

In the light of the above, SKIOLD A/S disclaims any responsibility for damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, which the Client may suffer as a result of errors or omissions in the Client's PC/feeding computer or software. This applies to software installed by SKIOLD A/S as well as other software, and includes, but is not limited to:

o Virus and virus related problems.

o Internet and internet related, including problems due to the fact that SKIOLD A/S's access to PC/computer is Internet based.

o Problems otherwise related to access made available to SKIOLD A/S.

o Third party's access to and use of software, including alterations to this.

o Problems caused by other hardware or software used in connection with the PC/computer, to which SKIOLD A/S has access.

o The Client's own use of the product.

o Operational efficiency, including SKIOLD A/S's response time and service time, operational efficiency of the system, etc.

SKIOLD A/S cannot be held responsible, should an employee exceed the above instructions regarding confidentiality, if the Client therefore suffers a loss.

Nor does SKIOLD A/S with the telephone support provide any warranty with regard to the support, except for what may be agreed separately.

Governing law:

This disclaimer shall solely be regulated by Danish law regardless of any discrepancy between rules and regulations

Every dispute which arises from this disclaimer shall if not solved amicable be settled by the district court at Aalborg, Denmark. Danish law shall apply.

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